Say Hello to Gino Gatino!

We’ve just finished to setup our new channel named “Gino Gatino”. Playing the best elevator music ever, Gino Gatino is the best spot to listen the “Boringness music on the Earth!”. Feel free to tune in for a brand new music sensation! Only at Zawack Radio – “United by Music!” Our new Gino Gatino channel… Continue reading Say Hello to Gino Gatino!

More channels!

We’ve just complete the addition of 3 new channels, now 11 of these channels are available, providing with non-stop music free of any adverts, free-of-charges and 24 hours a day! Enjoy!

A new website!

We’ve just launch our brand new website and adding some more live channel. Feel free to browse the new web site and to send us your thought via comments below this post.